fingerboard trick dictionary

Fingerboards (flips)

1. Kickflip – (a) Start off with one finger on the tail and the other finger on the side of the board kind of close to the tail. (b) Pop the tail and push the finger that was close to the side over and it will make a complete barrel roll. (c) Land!

click here to see a picture

2. Hardflip – (a) Put your first finger in middle of the tail on the edge. (b) Put your middle finger on the edge in front of the one on the tail. (c) Push your back finger out and flick your front finger forward while lifting up your hand.

3. Pressure Flip – (a) Put your back finger on the outside edge. (b) Put your front finger wherever you feel comfortable. (c) Hit the tail with the pressure on the edge and lift your hand up. (d) The board should flip. (e) Land!

4. Heelflip – (a) Start off with the back finger on the tail then put the front finger sort of where you think it will make the board flip the opposite direction of a kickflip. (b) Pop tail and push the direction to make it opposite direction of a kickflip.

5. Back Foot Impossible – (a) Start with your front finger kind of toward the back in the center of the board and your back finger on the center of the tail. (b) Pop the tail hard and wrap you’re under the board as it flips backwards the deal is to keep you’re back finger staying on the board it takes practice.

6. The Brain – (a) You take the board and manual it(push on the back of board and ride without letting the back touch the platform. (b) Take your front fingers and put them under the board right behind the front trucks. (c) Flick your front finger up. It takes some practice to land it, it usually works bouncing off of something.

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7. 360 flip – (a) Put your middle finger on the tail hanging off a little bit (b) Then put your pointer in the middle of the board (c) Pop the tail push your pointer down and swing your middle finger towards you and it should 360 flip.

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8. Front Back Kicklfip – (a) You do a kickflip with your index finger. (b) Then wait until it does one flip then flip it again with your middle finger. (c) Then grab the board with a mute. (d) Don’t worry I can’t do it either.

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9. Ollie Impossible – (a) Same as the Hard Flip except push down harder on the back of the board. (b) The board should do at least one flip. In real life this is called a shooting star.

10. Inverted Ollie Impossible – (a) Do an ollie and when you are vertical in the air. (b) Push down on the front of the board so that the board flips forward. This trick takes some time to land perfectly.

11. Air Walk – (a) Do an ollie, kick flip, or whatever (b) release the board and move your two fingers as if you were running. Looks good when you kick flip over something and then air walk.

12. Impossible – (a) Ollie (b) Flick your ring finger forward so that the board spins around your middle finger.

13. Ike Flip – (a) Do a half ollie impossible (b) Then take your middle finger and spin the board around one time. (c) Then land it.

14. Inverted Ike Flip – (a) Same as above but spin it backwards (heel flip) and then land it.

Ollie Impossible Reversal – (a) Start by doing a ollie impossible (b) But when it spins half way (c) Slam it back down.

16. Frontside Heelflip Varial – (a) Find a small drop about 6-10 inches off the ground. (b) Place your index finger on the edge farthest from you between the trucks and your middle finger on the edge of the tail closest to you. (c) Approach the lip slowly when your near the edge (d) Pop the tail away from you. (e) Let the board flip slowly then catch it (f) Land. This trick takes time to learn.

17. Nollie Flip – The nollie flip requires that you master the nollie first. The nollie flip is a nollie with a back foot kickflip. You must pop into the air much faster than for a straight nollie, and the board must be leveled sooner. Having popped the nose off the ground with your front finger, use your back finger to level and flip the board as it rises. Once the board has flipped, catch it with your fingers as you would a regular kickflip, and land.

18. Varial Flip – (a) Before you do this sick trick you need to know how to do a pop-shuvit and a kickflip. (b) Start with your back finger on the tail of the board and your front foot on the front edge. (c) Push on the tail and simultaneously, do a pop-shuvit and a kickflip, and when the board spins 180 degrees (d) Land it.

19. Sex Change – (a) Do a kick flip (b) Turn your hand 180 degrees (c) Land with your fingers on the screws.

20. The Phobia Flip (Hardflip Heelflip) – (a) Roll forward with your fingers in a pop-shuvit stance (b) Pop the tail up, flipping the board around (c) Move your hand forward (d) Then land it.

21. Late Flip – Not really a trick but a variation of one. This is mostly to be done when jumping over “stairs” or “rails”. After popping an ollie over one of these objects, at the latest second do a kickflip and land it right afterwards. You should try to do this trick almost before you are going to land

22. 3rd Dimension finger flip (MU) – (a) Put your point finger on the back of the board and tap it slightly, and it should flip on to the top of your hand (b) Then bring your hand up to where the board flips off of your hand doing a kickflip type of spin or it something that resembles a flip. You can do many tricks with this like a the kickflip (above) or just some flips or double flips if you wanted to you can also put some spins on the board by turning your hand so that you spin the board.

23. The Brandon (MU) – (a) You place index finger under the nose and your pinky under the tail the put your ring and middle finger on the middle of the board and make a wave and pull your fingers up to the top and land and go away

24. The Knuckler (MU) – (a) First do a rather high ollie (b) Slap the back of your board w/your ring finger (goofie) or middle (normal) and let it roll on top of your knuckles. (c) From there let it roll of your fingers and land onto one of the grinds below

25. Taco Flip (MU) – First you lay the board on its side with the trucks facing you press down and slide your finger towered you the board should flip in the air try to land smooth and ride away

26. The Mike Finger Flip – (1) Go off a vert ramp (2) put ring finger under tail (3) flick ring finger up and move index and middle fingers out of way (4) Let the board flip once or twice and then land.

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27. Cheapy sneaky – Go at a low speed then stop. Then put both fingers on the bottom. Then just flip up so it does one flip.

28. Monkey flipper – In the air do a method then do a front flip. You should see the design while it flips.

29. Crazy bones – Do a backflip then make it so it lands on your knuckles then flip so it does a front flip.

30. Funky hand – This is a vert trick made by Jake. You need to use 3 fingers for this one. Go up then put your middle finger down while the other 2 fingers hold up the board. Also stick your thumb out. The results are that your flicking off somebody.

31. Finger flip – Do an ollie then hit the board with your thumb. It should do a heelflip or kickflip motion.

32. Cross up impossible – Use 2 fingers for the one. Put your second finger on the nose. Put the other under the board, then flip.

33. Swanna flip – At a moderate speed grab the nose with your 2 fingers then pull back and let go. It should do one back flip.

34. Underflip – In the air put your fingers under the board and flip it up so it does a heelflip motion.

35. Super flip – Hit the tail as hard as humanly possible so it flips high in the air.

27 – 35 Submitted by, Dan from the message board

Fingerboards (grabs)

1. Tail Grab – (a) Ollie or go off some sort of vert or ramp (b) Grip the tail with your thumb (c) Let go before you hit the ground.

2. Nose Grab – Same as Tail Grab but grab the nose of the board with your thumb.

3. Board Grab – (a) Same as above but grab anywhere between the trucks with your thumb. (b) Make sure your thumb is on the bottom of the board.

4. Japan Air – This can be done on a ramp, vert, or an ollie.  Once in the air, push your “feet” towards you so that the trucks are facing upwards with your “feet” bent in a U shape with  the board on top of them.  Then place your thumb on the side of the bottom of the board (the side with the trucks).  Pull your fingers away from you and let the board turn over.  Then land it.

5. Rocket Air – This is done on a vert or launch.  (a) Approach the lip at a moderate speed and once you are in the air (b) Place your thumb and forefinger on the top and bottom of the nose, w/ your index and middle fingers on the board.

6. Darkside – (a) Do a kickflip half way (b) Grab the grip tape side of the board with your thumb (c) Let go and spin the rest of the way.

7. D Grab – (a) Do an Ollie (b) Grab the top and bottom edges of the board with your thumb and pointer finger.

8. Nollie D – Do a nollie and then do a D Grab.

9. Super Man – (a) Ollie  (b) Grab the board on the edges in the middle (c) Extend it away from you and bring your to “Legs” (Other fingers) towards you. (d) Make sure you let go of the board before you land.

10. Foot Stomp – Stick your pointer finger under the board and put your middle directly above it. Squeeze this fingers together enough so you can lift up the board. Lift up the board and tap you pinky on the surface then land it

11. Hand plant – You usually do this on some sort of ramp. Do the same beginning to the foot stomp except instead of doing the foot part go off the ramp and press into the ramp with your thumb. You can then rotate and go back down the ramp

12. Mute – Thumb is on the top of the board and your pointer is on the bottom

13. Method – Pointer is on top and thumb is on bottom

14. Indy Grab – Thumb is on top and middle (normal) or ring (goofy) so the graphics should be facing out in front of you

15. Airwalk – This is a hard trick to control because the board may fall but its pretty easy after that. Ok here it is. This trick is you good when jumping over “stairs” or ramps. Do a high ollie going forward and slide your finger tips to where the heel would be on a skateboard so your fingertips are just nearly resting on the edge of the board. Then just when you are about to approach the ground slide your fingers back into place and land

16. Early Grab – This is a kind of stupid trick but it is a real skateboard trick so it is on this website. Before you are about to jump, grab the board in any way while still on the ground. (I recommend doing a type of “scissors grab” as used in the foot plant of course you must be skating goofy to do it this way but try it out anyway you like) anyway once you have a grab going push down with your middle (normal) or ring (goofy) and catch some air. While in the air, return your fingers to their right positions.

17. Christ Air – What you do is get a lot of air and slap the front of the board with your pointer finger. When the front flies down, pinch the back with your ring and middle fingers representing the holding out action seen being executed by Rune Glifberg in Tony Hawk’s Pro skater. Then Put your pointer finger back on the front and flatten it out before finishing.

18. Judo air – Do a method but put one finger out.

19. Scissors grab – In the air make a pair of scissors by grabbing the board between your fingers. The board should be up and down not horizontal.

20. Sacktap – Like the scissors grab only you touch the wheels in the back while holding the board outward. This trick is from the tony hawk’s pro skater 2 demo!

21. Cheater’s scissors grab – Do a manual then put your first finger under the board and the other 2 on the top of the board lift the board in the air take your 3rd finger off then you will be in a scissors grab.

22. Razor man grab – In the air, put your 2 fingers between the trucks.

18 – 22 Submitted by, Dan from the message board

Fingerboards (grinds & slides)

1. 50-50 – (a) Ollie (b) Lock on to coping or ledge with both trucks grinding on the ledge or coping. (c) Ollie off.

2. 5-0 – (a) Ollie (b) Lock on with only the back truck grinding. (c) Ollie off.

3. Nose grind – (a) Ollie (b) Lock on with only the front truck grinding (c) Ollie off.

4. Tailslide – (a) Ollie (b) Kind of do a half shuv-it then land with the tail sliding on the ledge or coping with the nose pointing outward. (c) Bail nah ride off I guess.

5. Noseslide – (a) Ollie (b) Do a half shuv-it and land with the nose sliding and tail pointing outward. (c) Ride off.

6. Boardslide – (a) Approach your obstacle (b) Ollie on to it (c) Try to grind in the middle of the board. (d) Slide a ways. (e) Turn you wrist about 90 degrees. (f) Land.

7. Darkslide – The same as a boardslide but you grind on the grip tape.

8. Frontside Tailslide – (a) Skate up to a grind rail (b) Do an ollie (c) Turn you back finger away from you and place it on the rail at a little less than 90 degrees (d) Slide for however long you want and to exit (e) Turn the tail of the board the same way you turned it to get on the rail. You are now riding fakie. If you want to get out just turn the slide the board around on the ground.

9. K-Grind a.k.a. (Crooked grind) – 5-0 grind with the front end sticking outwards.

10. Smith Grind – (a) Skate towards a rail (b) Ollie (c) Land with your front trucks on the side towards you and the back trucks on the side away from you.

11. Feeble Grind – Opposite of Smith Grind.

12. Pig Grind – Same thing as a 5-0 grind but you only use your front finger (put your front finger on the front screws and balance the board).

13. Pistol Grind – Same thing has the Pig Grind but turn your hand backwards (so that it looks like a pistol). Then turn you hand the right way and ollie off.

14. B-Grind – (a) Ollie onto the rail (b) Land so that the rail is between the tops of your wheels and the edge of the board. (c) Kick or heelflip out.

15. Salad Grind – A crooked 5-0

16. Casper Slide – Similar to the darkslide (above) except you ride where your truck screws are at 45 degree angle.

17. Kasper Bluntside (MU) – Flip the board over and do a bluntside on the griptape

18. Bluntside – Your board is perpendicular to the ground with the wheels and trucks on the rail and the lip of the board against the side

19. Halfmoon – The lip of your board is riding the rail (A frontside half-moon is your fingers are pointing towards the direction you are going, backside is you fingers are pointing in the opposite direction

20. Primo Grind – Land with the side of your board against ledge/rail (in the same direction of a 50-50)

21. Primo Mature Grind (MU) – Do a frontside or backside while doing the primo without the wheels

22. Nose Primo (MU) – Do a primo grind but have only the nose wheels rub against the side

23. Feeble Grind – You grind with the back truck and the font truck is hovering over the rail at a slight angle

24. Sausage Grind– Do a smith grind with your front truck and grab the tail by squeezing your thumb with your middle (normal) or ring (goofy) finger

25. West Arbor Grind/WA (MU) – While riding fakie, ollie do a 180 spin in the air. Do a grind on your back trucks and with your fingernails facing the opposite way that you are grinding. if you ride normal, grab the nose with your thumb. if you ride goofy grab the board with your pointer.

26. 360 Grind Starter (MU) – This is good for getting up on grind rails, put your pointer finger a little bit farther towards the front but kind of near the middle, your middle finger a little bit back from the middle and your ring finger on the tail and push on the tail like your going to do a ollie and at the same time rotate you finger towards you making it do a 360 and then land it on the rail or ground ect.

27. Crush grind – Do a smith grind then put one finger under the nose and one under the tail. you need three fingers for this one

Banana grind – On vert grind, now the nose is on the grind, one wheel on the top of the Halfpipe the other in the Halfpipe. the trucks on the back has 1 wheel sliding. This was made by my friend Jake.

29. Squadron slide – Opposite of casper bluntslide. Slide on the tail with griptape sliding against the ledge or rail.

30. Hurricane grind – Ollie and do a 180 then land on the back trucks in a crooked grind.

31. Thunder grind – Do a backside salad grind then put the board down so it boardslide and salad grinds at the same time.

32. Benihana slide – Do a boardslide then take your 2nd finger off and grab the tail with your thumb. Stretch your 2nd finger out as much as possible until your done with the slide.

33. Dark stall – Do a casper bluntslide but don’t slide, stall.

27 – 33 Submitted by, Dan

Fingerboards (spins)

1. Pop Shuv- it – (a) Put one finger on tail of the board. (b) Put one finger in the middle of board. (c) Push down on the back of the board then bring your back finger towards you to make it do a 180 or 360. (d) The harder you push on the tail the more spins the board will do.

2. 180 – (a) Put your front finger sort of to the side of the board near the back and your back finger on the tail in the center. (b) pop the tail and you are going to have to bend your  hand around and land. lots of practice.

3. 360 1– (a) Use the three finger method and push down on the back until it touches the ground (b) then turn it the direction you want it to spin.

4. 360 2– (a) Put you index finger in the center of the board and your middle
finger on the tail. (b) Do a low ollie then push your middle finger towards you.
(c) Let it do a full spin. (d) Then land.

5. Frontside 180 Ollie – (a) Do an ollie (b) Turn your hand (w/ the board) frontside 180 degrees.

6. Backside 180 Ollie – Same as Frontside 180 Ollie except you do it backside.

7. Ollie Impossible Reversal – (a) Start by doing a ollie impossible (b) But when it spins half way (c) Slam it back down.

8. Frontside Half-Cab – (a) Skate fakie (backwards) (b) Do an ollie.  (c) While in the air, turn your hand towards you with your fingers always on the board.

9. Backside Half-Cab – Same as Frontside Half-Cab except you turn the board the direction you are facing.

10. Cabbalerial – (a) While riding fakie, on a ramp complete a 360 in the air and head back down the ramp forwards without grabbing.

11. Half Cab – (a) Do a Cabbalerial (above) but only do a 180 for the turn.

12. 2 Finger Pop Shuv-it – Put both fingers on the nose then do a pop shuv-it.

13. Helicopter – In the air do a upside down pop-shuvit then land it.

12 & 13 Submitted by, Dan

Fingerboards (other)

1. Ollie – Learn this first and you can become a fingerboard master later. (a) First you need to put your fingers where one finger is on the tail and another one is right above the screws on the back truck. (b) Now comes the action all I can tell you is pop the tail and lift your front finger up and kind of push the nose up and over. (c) Land with the same amount of fingers as you started off with and that’s it.

click here to see a picture

2. Pop shuvit kickflip – Start out with a regular shuvit while in the air throw in a kickflip and land.

Submitted by,

Paul Bartus

3. Fakie air – Go up vert ramp then come back down the same way as you came up.

4. Ollie north – Going off a ramp go down so that the nose is going down and the tail is going up. Take your first finger lift it up then put it back.

5. uni nose manuel – Balance on one wheel in the front.

6. uni manuel – Balance on one wheel in the back.


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